Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's not fair. The power adapter on my Dell Inspiron 1545 died on me. Right before I'm getting ready to go to Chicago for the weekend, which means I can't get ANY work done. THANKS A LOT. I'm using my fiance's grandmother's PC, it's pretty old and not very fast, but I'm going to try and get done what I can.

Can someone tell me why the power adapters are such pieces of crap? They always need to be replaced and it's such a waste of money. Why haven't they figured out how to have a workable adapter yet? I've owned 2 Dell laptops now, and have had to replace the chargers multiple times. I want answers. Dell, will you please send me a lifetime supply of adapters? I'm so frustrated, I don't think I will be buying anymore Dells.

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