Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are You Looking for Graphics for Commercial Use?

For a limited time only, Kris from Cheeky Paperie is selling some really adorable graphics that you can use for your business, including: designing templates, websites and creating products for print-on-demand websites. Only 10 copies of each graphic will be sold, and then they will be retired forever, so you better act quick!

Prohibited uses of these graphics include:
  • Individual sale or as part of a collection of graphics
  • As-is (you must use the graphics as part of a design, not as the completed design)
  • Free giveaways or gifts to friends/family/colleagues
  • Logo development
Click here to see all of the graphics that are for sale.

Jobs at Zazzle

You already know you can work for Zazzle from the comfort of your home computer, but Zazzle isn't run by robots and they need real people in California to work for them. Here are some of the current positions Zazzle is hiring for:

Redwood City, CA
QA Engineer - Posted 9/13/11
QA Engineer - Posted 9/13/11
Account Executive - Posted 8/19/11
Account Manager - Posted 8/19/11
UI Engineer - Posted 8/19/11
Software Engineer - Posted 8/19/11

San Jose, CA
Director of Manufacturing - Posted 8/19/11

You can keep up with all the current job positions here.

What You Should Remove from Your Diet Today

If you are interested in reading a good health article, check out my mom's Squidoo lens "What You Should Remove from Your Diet Today." The article is about food additives and how they affect your health. It's got lots of great information and you may learn a thing or two. :)

Jasmine's Products of the Week

Every week I feature ten new products on Zazzle that have gained my attention. If you enjoy any of these designs, please stop by the shopkeeper's page to give them a good rating and/or drop a kind coment. (I've been busy with vacations so I didn't have a chance to do this last week. Sorry!!)

Take 15% off this mug by using
coupon code TEEMUGSPROST at checkout.
Coupon expires 9/25/11 at 11:59pm PT

Take 15% off this shirt by using
coupon code TEEMUGSPROST at checkout.
Coupon expires 9/25/11 at 11:59pm PT

Take 25% off this calendar by using
coupon code 2012ISCOMING at checkout.
Coupon expires 12/31/11 at 11:59pm PT

Learn how you can receive free unlimited shipping
for only $9.95 a year with Zazzle Black.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Product at Zazzle!

Throughout the last couple days, Zazzle has been updating their site with some exciting new stuff involving their prints and posters. The site has been down off an on while they try to work out the bugs, so I've been having some crazy withdrawals. As tedious as the wait was, it was definitely worth it! One thing I am particularly excited about are the new canvas prints. Can I just say thank you Zazzle? They are extremely beautiful! I've already built a Squidoo lens to show off some of the gorgeous canvas prints that are for sale. I have a bunch of vacation time coming up, but I wanted to get at least one lens up on the new prints. I'll be sure to build more when I come back. :) There are some truly amazing pieces of work there, so if you have a moment please go check them out by clicking the linky under the photo.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First of the Month Photo Challenge

This month's theme will be "In Motion." For this challenge you will photograph something that is moving. The viewer must be able to sense the movement in the photo. Try to be as creative as you can and have fun.

Take your photo anytime from now until the 30th of September and email them to me at jasminesphotography@yahoo.com
It can be a regular digital photo, or on a Zazzle product. If it is a regular photo, you may include your own watermark. Only 1 photo per person, please. Be sure to add your name and a link to your personal site/blog (if the photo is not on a product) in the email so I know who to credit. A short description of what you photographed would be great, but is optional. I will be accepting entries until SEPTEMBER 30 8PM EST. All entries will appear in a blog post on the 1st of October along with a new challenge.

Here are some great examples of what I am looking for. I hope these images inspire you to take part in the challenge.

First of the Month Photo Challenge: I'm Ready for My Close Up

The results are in for August's photo challenge! We had some really great entries this month, thank you to all that sent a photo in! Look out for the post following this one explaining what this month's theme will be.

Click on each photo for a larger view.

Snuggle Bugs Mackenzie print
Photo by: Jerry Lambert

"This is a close shot of a track in the sand in the desert from our dune trip."

Photo by: longdistgramma

postcard - cucumber beetle postcard
"I had never seen this beautiful green and yellow "Lady bug" before. I found out it is a Cucumber Beetle and is a non-desirable pest that should be banned from your garden. (I also saw a praying mantis for the first time, and was told this might balance out less desirable the insect population)."
Photo by: Bonnie Muir

Photo by: Anne-Marie

Fabric Tulip for iphone speckcase
"Close up photo of a shibori dyed yellow fabric hardened into the shape of a tulip with dark blue shibori background fabric."
Photo by: Noa Price

Poppy In Progress speckcase
"The photo is a close up of a hairy nodding poppy flower-bud and stem during morning light. The bud eventually rotates upward after opening to a beautiful pink poppy with crepe paper-like petals."

Photo by: Angie B