Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spontaneous Walk with Pictures

Just got back from a little evening walk. Dan went up to the shooting range with his friend, so instead of sitting in the house I decided to go for a walk. It's still really nice out. Not really hot or cold and there is a nice cool breeze.

I started my walk down the main road to stop at the bank and deposit Dan's check from work. On my way, I ran into this little bunny. There are so many of them around here. Before you look at any of the pictures, just know I took these on my Samsung, so they aren't the best of quality.

After I deposited the check at the ATM, I headed over to the mall to try out this new Johnny's Yogurt place. I've been missing Yogen Fruz ever since we moved away from Illinois, and I was hoping that this Johnny's Yogurt could take it's place. No way, nuh-uh, NEVER. This place was nothing like Yogen Fruz. First of all, you have to get the yogurt yourself. You choose from different pre-made flavors (I chose strawberry) and you can top it with any of the junky toppings they have (I chose granola). It didn't taste very well at all. At Yogen Fruz, you can have them blend the fruit right into the frozen yogurt. I used to always get strawberries and raspberries mixed in and topped it with granola. It's the best thing I've ever had and I miss it so much. Dear Yogen Fruz, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come to Michigan. You don't know how bad I need you! This was the awful yogurt I got at Johnny's:

While I was eating my [yucky] yogurt, I walked around the mall for a little bit to burn off dinner and the yogurt. I noticed other people eating yogurt from the same place, so some people must like it. As for me, I don't think I will be ever visiting again. I will say, the staff was nice and I left her a tip for explaining how everything worked for me. It's not her fault their yogurt tasted so bad.

The walk home was just as nice as the walk there. I stopped to take a picture of the mall's beautiful tulips they have planted outside.

I'm home sitting on the porch, writing this entry, enjoying a nice cold drink and waiting for Dan to come home from the range. Hope everyone's Thursday has been just as nice. :)

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