Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Cell Phone

Finally got my new phone today, the Samsung Continuum:

I've been waiting for it for about a week. At the Verizon store, it's $100. But if you go home and order it online it's only $50. I found a coupon on Retail Me Not and got the phone for $35 instead! Probably the cheapest I've ever paid for a phone, and I actually really like this one. (Prices are with a 2 yr. contract)

I just performed a series of tests with uploading posts to Blogger via the Blogger app, so if you saw some weird posts in your feed, that's why. I just wanted to make sure it was ready to go for when I go to Ohio with Dan next week for some job training he has to do. I wanted to make sure I was able to access my blog while I was away. :)

Do any of you have a Continuum? What do you think about it?

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