Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Fresh Start

Well, it's been awhile since I've hung around the blog world. I have been overwhelmingly busy and had a bit of a writer's block for awhile. I needed a break, and now I believe that I am rested and ready to come back.
I've done a lot of work to my shop (Jasmine's Merch) and I have managed to create quite a few Squidoo lenses.

My top rated lens right now is Christian iPad Cases. It is rated #337 in it's category and #8,447 overall.
If you have a moment to check it out please do, because they are a lot of wonderful iPad cases from some great people over at Zazzle.

In some latest news from my shop, I've recently added a photograph of a beautiful Amaryllis flower.

That is an iPad case with a text template for adding your name. The text is optional, and can be deleted. The only other products I have the photo on include a mousepad and a poster. I'm not too crazy about that particular photograph and am thinking about having another shooting session with it. I did it very quickly and would like to take a little more time playing with it. Someone else may think otherwise, but I like to give my customers options.

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