Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cowardly Police Officer Maces an Innocent Baby Squirrel

Officer Davis of Mesquite, Texas maced a poor baby squirrel who was hanging around a middle school. The little guy was obviously not causing any harm to anyone, he was only doing what squirrels do. Bystanders pleaded and screamed at Officer Davis, trying to protect the baby squirrel. The cruel video can be see on YouTube, but be sure to turn your volume down because the people yelling at the officer are quite loud.

Steve from Zazzle created a video for his angry squirrels to send a message to the officer in Texas and say that they are not going to stand for his abuse!

He has even created a shirt that portrays the squirrel's revenge.

Mesquite Texas Squirrel Fights back! shirt
Mesquite Texas Squirrel Fights back! by Softproduct

So what do you think? Was the officer's actions justified or does he deserve to be punished for his irresponsibility?


Clean_World said...

look at me, your first follower. I feel so proud. I love squirrels

Jasmine said...

Thanks! :) I love squirrels, too. It makes me so mad to see that.