Sunday, August 21, 2011

Abortion Protest on Woodward

Dan and I went out earlier this evening to cruise down Woodward for the Dream Cruise. There were a lot of cool cars, lots of people, and nice weather after the storm had passed. You can imagine my disgust and shock when as we're driving down the road, I look out my window and see two men standing at the corner protesting abortion with huge signs with photos of aborted babies. I'm for freedom of speech and everything, but seriously... Protesting abortion at a family event? Isn't that a little extreme? There are tons of little kids trying to enjoy all of the cars, and they have to see that? I'm not a child, and I was traumatized. I don't want to see that. Go protest in front of an abortion clinic, not in front of the Pearle Vision on Woodward Ave. I did a Google maps search of the Pearle Vision there, and there's actually a photo of a protester there from a previous year.

I'm just really disappointed to have seen this. It was unexpected and very unnecessary. I'll know to avoid that area next year.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! I was also disgusted and tramatized by this. I also am an adult and thought "Wow if I walked by this with a small child how and why should I have to explain this to my kid! This is a family event and this is not the place for this kind of protest. I understand the first amendant rights freedom of speech but there has be some kind of ordiance against the graphics of these billboards that they are using. Something has to be done!

Jasmine said...

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment anonymous. I agree, something should be done. Why is it okay to use those images in front of children who aren't legally aloud to even see an R rated movie. Perhaps we can get a petition going or something.

Tom said...

I agree completely. I haven't seen these protests first hand but have seen news reports and videos of them. I think the protesters would have done just fine handing out literature or ribbons or something like that without displaying offensive posters.

Freedom of speech doesn't give anyone the right to be offensive. Folks confuse that too often. I am anti-war but does that give me the right to show you and your family posters of torn and charred bodies of bombing raids to get my point across? No it doesn't. I may want to reach you using shocking posters but freedom of speech doesn't give me the right to do that. What about the rights of folks who just want to enjoy a day with their family without viewing images of horror?

I don't know, if you ask me it puts their cause in a bad light anyway. One immediately flinches from such a sight. What on earth would make you want to go up and discuss their cause with them when they are displaying such stuff? Not only that but it makes them come off as lunatic extremists.

Jasmine said...

Very well said Tom.

Krissy said...

Hey, y'all! :)

I'm from Michigan. I'm living in Arizona right now. Would you happen to know any other Michigan Bloggers? Coming across your blog (via Bitchy Waiter) kinda feels a bit like home to me