Thursday, September 1, 2011

First of the Month Photo Challenge: I'm Ready for My Close Up

The results are in for August's photo challenge! We had some really great entries this month, thank you to all that sent a photo in! Look out for the post following this one explaining what this month's theme will be.

Click on each photo for a larger view.

Snuggle Bugs Mackenzie print
Photo by: Jerry Lambert

"This is a close shot of a track in the sand in the desert from our dune trip."

Photo by: longdistgramma

postcard - cucumber beetle postcard
"I had never seen this beautiful green and yellow "Lady bug" before. I found out it is a Cucumber Beetle and is a non-desirable pest that should be banned from your garden. (I also saw a praying mantis for the first time, and was told this might balance out less desirable the insect population)."
Photo by: Bonnie Muir

Photo by: Anne-Marie

Fabric Tulip for iphone speckcase
"Close up photo of a shibori dyed yellow fabric hardened into the shape of a tulip with dark blue shibori background fabric."
Photo by: Noa Price

Poppy In Progress speckcase
"The photo is a close up of a hairy nodding poppy flower-bud and stem during morning light. The bud eventually rotates upward after opening to a beautiful pink poppy with crepe paper-like petals."

Photo by: Angie B


Exit178 said...

Thanks Jasmine. Great job with the challenge.

Jasmine said...

You're welcome, &thanks. :)